lunes, 5 de septiembre de 2011

Just me xD!


My name is Dengerberth is hard but you can tell me Denger is a short style, i'm from Zulia, Venezuela

I go to student electronic engineering school in URBE , i'm 22 yeard old (i'm OLD, Lol). I live in san francisco, i love HIPHOP, playing basketball and training Karate Do, i enjoy dacing salsa, i like hamburguer whooper.

I don't like to lied me, i hate vallenato, i can't stand disrespect.

MY dreams is know to "GABYLONIA" she is ha hiphop singer and she is beatiful girl. another dreams is learn lenguage JAPANESE and PORTUGUES BR and of curse be a excelent electronic engineering :) i want to know my father one day !

I thinks english is a interesting and good because is a universal lenguage in my opinion is very important for bussiness and companys i want to learn write, talk and redaction english !